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Our Bridesmaids Designers

Being a bridesmaid is an honor to be. The bridesmaids are members of the bride's party in a wedding. They are either friends or relatives of the bride who are young at age or ladies who are soon to be married.

Bridesmaid has a considerable role to play during the wedding. She is considered as the live checklist of the bride. To ensure everything works fine at the beginning and even to make last-minute arrangements, the responsibility of bridesmaid is to fulfill each and everything a bride needs on her wedding day.

The bridesmaid is also responsible for various activities at the wedding ceremony. Briefing it in short, the bridesmaid follows the bride during the procession while they walk towards the officiator. From all the bridesmaid, the chief one carries a hat, gloves as well as the flowers and look after them till the ceremony is completed. Then, the bridesmaid accompanies the newlyweds over the venue for the photography session.

Indeed, A bridesmaid has a significant role to play - be it off ceremony or on ceremony. Hence, she needs to look stunning so that she can complement the bride. We at know that even you are willing to make your girls look as stunning as they can, and our fashion stylists understand what it takes for a bridesmaid to look unique among all.

It would be a test for most ladies since everybody has diverse body shapes and inclinations; you should make each bridesmaid be satisfied with your determination. Hence, we are up with tips and tricks that can assist you in choosing the best one for you.

Before choosing a perfect Bridesmaids dresses online, you should take the ideal measurements into consideration that includes necklines, waistlines, and lower skirt.

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Wedding Dresses by House of WU

One of the leading designer brands to buy bespoke bridesmaids dresses online is Bari Jay. The designer label was started in 1971, and it is booming since then. The name is offering designer dresses in over 100 colors with a massive variety of fabrics that include chiffon, satin, sequin as well as stretch material. And at you can find it all, you don't need to go anywhere else. Choose the color, fabric, and the style you are willing to wear, and we will get it for you in no time.

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Bridesmaid Dresses by Davinci

If you are someone looking for a fantastic combination of being contemporary and classy, then Davinci should top your list while choosing a perfect bridesmaid dress. The prices they provide are affordable. Hence you can get the ideal masterpiece ready in your budget. The label is exceptionally well known for providing its Silhouette style dresses, so if this fits your taste. Do not wait and visit AzBride today to book your bridesmaid dress by Davinci.

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Bridesmaid Dresses by Impression

With over 15 years of expertise, Impression is booming the market for its stunning bridesmaid master designs. The designer label is well-known for its magic fit, hence no matter what shape and size you are - it will give you a stunning fit like never before. They are offering bridesmaid gowns over 60 different colors and various high-quality materials that include chiffon, satin, georgette as well as tapeta silk. Hence, you've wide varieties to choose from.

Bridesmaid Dresses by Bill Levkoff

This is probably one of the oldest brand designing bridesmaid dresses by over 70 years. Bill Levkoff's first showroom was started in the late 1940s, and since then it is trending for bespoke bridesmaid dresses. The brand offers 20+ neckline designs, silhouettes, 9+ varieties of fabrics, 45+ colors to choose from. Hence, you've got types of options to get a perfect masterpiece that flaunts your beauty and compliments your bride stunningly.

Bridesmaid Dresses by Morilee

Morilee by Madeline Gardner is a bespoke designer label offering bridesmaid dresses that are well-known among all since ages. The brand provides 10+ Necklines & Fabrics, 5+ back designs, 10+ embellishments, and various colors to choose from. From long chiffon dresses to short patterned dresses - Morilee offers everything you need to make your bridesmaid happy as the brand offers you the timeless beauty with an elegance that fits your budget just right.

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Bridesmaid Dresses by Allure

Allure, the bespoke designer label is well known not only for wedding dresses but for bridesmaid dresses as well. The name offers bespoke designs with beautiful colors that can flaunt your bridesmaid beautifully. From embellishments, stunning backs to perfect draping - Allure can give your bridesmaids all she needs. The brand offers you numerous color options to choose from. Hence you can get your favorite color customized as you like. Choose from classic chiffon, cooling florals to crepe gowns; Allure can offer different masterpieces that can perfectly suit the taste your bridesmaid.

Gone are the days when bridesmaids used to shrink from their dresses. We hope that we've summed you up with numerous tips and tricks about how to get a perfect dress for you. At Azbride, from multiple brands and styles - you can choose any that fits you right. Always set your appointments prior a lot of weeks before marriage as wants you to get a perfect fit that flaunts your beauty as a bridesmaid when you attend the wedding.

So if you are someone looking for bridesmaids dresses online, your search for getting the affordable yet elegant masterpiece ends here. Visit Azbride today or call us to book an appointment for you and our fashion stylists will be readily available for you to design a dress that fits you just right.

Bridesmaids dresses online

bridesmaids dresses online
Choosing a proper waistline plays an essential part, as it is responsible for flaunting your body beautifully.  Waistlines that are just below the bust are usually considered the best, as they can give you the look of beautiful long legs. These bridesmaid gowns look best on ladies who are shorter in height as well as are best for the ones who are pregnant.
Necklines are crucial when it comes to flaunting your upper body in your bridesmaid gown. They are responsible for making your bust look smaller and at the same time bulky. Hence, it is essential to choose a neckline that suits your figure just right.  We will suggest sweetheart neck designs for ladies with smaller bust while V neck for ladies who are on the bulky side.

Sheath or pencil skirt bridesmaid dresses can look amazingly chic and include a few bends. Notwithstanding, these dresses can expect changes to ensure the dress pursues the leg line without embracing the body so intently that it’s challenging to plunk down.

We are done with how to choose a perfect bridesmaid dress, now let’s see which trend you should count on to? Traditional or Trendy?

Choose the Same Color with Same Designs:

Going on the conventional side is pretty quick and easy. All you need is to choose a color and design by mutual decision, and your work is done in no time. Get in touch with fashion stylist at, and we will design a stunning masterpiece for your group in no time.

Choose different designs with the same color:

You can also count on to same color and different design outfits if you are looking to go for the traditional touch. Each of your bridesmaids can pick their design and style that suits their body just right.

Different Dresses, Different Colors:

While choosing bridesmaids dresses online, you can also count on to various designs with different colors as per your preference. Though this is usually included under popular category and in this each bridesmaid is happy as everything in the dress is as per their choice.

Different Colors with Same Designs:

Here, the design and the style of the dress remains the same while the color of the dress changes. Bridesmaid can choose their own desired colors that compliments the brides dress beautifully. Though this falls in the traditional category.

From all the points mentioned above, you can choose which pick will flaunt your bridesmaid beautifully. Same color or same design – make a mutual decision and get it done in no time only at Azbride.

Willing to know the designer labels we offer at You can choose from our top six designer labels and flourish your bridesmaid’s beauty like never before.

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